Semi-flox (400 mg)



-Simi Flux is used for the octopus

-Chronic bronchitis, acquired pneumonia, infections and infection

– Gonorrhea (acute urethral and cervical gonorrhea), uncomplicated urinary tract infection and cervical noncellular cervix

-Mixed infections of the urethra and the cervix, acute pelvic inflammatory disease (including severe grade)

-Non-dense bladder infection, complex urinary tract infections, prostate inflammation.

-Pre-treatment and pre-treatment sensitivity

-Bovloxacin treatment works even before the results of the analysis and the farm and at the end of time appropriate treatment is identified.

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Contraindications :
Caution warns the Simi-Flux in the following cases:
Patients with hypersensitivity to oleloxacin or any combination of quinolone. Sick patients
Epilepsy, as well as in patients with a few brain attacks resulting from the presence of a small tumor in the central nervous system such as: after surgery in the skull of the brain, the presence of inflammation within the nervous system, stroke.
Children and adolescents in the development stage in pregnant and lactating women (where animal experiments have shown the limits of damage in the cartilage joints in the growth stage and this presentation can not be excluded.